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Shani and I thank all of you that have written us with your letters of appreciation and testimonials! The following are quotes from some of these.

"Thank you for your talent and creativity ~ I CONTINUE TO GET COMPLIMENTS ON ALL OF YOUR JEWELRY
Every one who has received your jewelry has been delighted with your work. Thanks


"THANK YOU so very much, the rings are so beautiful. We got tons of compliments."

David & Melanie"

"I absolutely LOVE my necklace. It is wonderful !! Thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship !!


"Thank you ! You both have been so wonderful. I am so happy that Richard and I found the two of you to do our wedding rings.

Richard & Stephanie"

"Dear Chris & Shani:

I received my ring today....and it is beautiful! I can't thank you enough for your patience from designing it to the final product and giving it special meaning. To have taken my old wedding ring and an anniversary ring w/diamond, melt the gold, and take the diamond and incorporate it into the new ring - well, it is exactly as I imagined it to be. I will cherish it! I hope the next time my husband and I are in Mendocino that you are home so that we have the chance to meet you.....and you have proven that a leap of faith exists. Thank you, again!


"Thank you ever so much for the work you did in creating my customized pendant. The piece is stunning and I receive many compliments on it.


"You created an exquisite piece of jewelry ! I absolutely love it. You both do incredible work !
Thank you for such a beautiful peace of art I can wear.


"Hi Chris & Shani,

The rings are, WOW! I can't stop looking at mine ( w/ the blue ). It is simply amazing, The design is perfect and the symbolism is so spiritual. I have never felt so excited for a ring that I have purchased in the past.
I hope this email finds you both well and in good spirits.

Thank you & Customer for Life

"Dear Chris,

I received the eternity band today and it is truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!!! And what a nice surprise to find a matching heart shield necklace! Thank you so much for all your hard work, for putting so much into making the ring such a lovely work of art. I will wear it proudly and make sure everyone knows who made it for me!

I hope your Celtic Creations web site will be up soon, so I can tell people about that, too!

Thank you again so very much!!


"Hey Chris!

I wanted you to know that Holly and I are now engaged. She loves the ring. It's very unique and very pretty. Thank you for making her a ring that we could be proud to show our family and friends.

Thanks again! - Ray"


I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my ring. It is a work of art and it fits perfectly. It was worth the wait and every penny.


"Again you have surpassed yourself in utter beauty and skill. I love the ring! Its beautiful! I haven't taken it off my finger since I got it. What is the stone in it?

Thank you so much! Kristen"


My ring arrived today and I just wanted to let you know that it looks fabulous. I’ve already received a number of complements.

Your work is fantastic.

Regards, Michael"

"I am so happy

Greetings, my name is Danielle and I was traveling down the cost when I found a gallery with your jewelry in it. I have been looking for a beautiful celtic knot to wear around my neck and luckily my grandmother was nice enough to buy me a beautiful eternity knot of yours and I just wanted to tell you how happy i am with it. I will not be buying anymore celtic jewelry unless it is from you. Oh and by the way I gave your card to my boyfriend and he says he's buying me one of your beautiful rings.

My greatest appreciation, Danielle"

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the necklace arrived safely! It is beautiful, my wife was so excited, thank you so much. We look forward to visiting your shop next time we are in Mendocino.

Again, thank you. Steven"

"Hi Chris.
We just returned from Thanksgiving yesterday and about five mintues after I was in the house my ring arrived. I was very excited. The ring is beautiful and it fits perfectly. Hope you have a great holiday season and maybe we will see you again in the future.

Thanks, Leah"

"Dear Shani,

Your necklace arrived today and I just love it! You did an outstanding job of making it just what I wanted.

Thank you so much for being willing to make it, "My Way".


"Your work is simply the best I've seen, and I've looked at a lot of celtic bands. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincere regards,

"Chris & Shani,

I just wanted to let you know that we received the ring on christmas eve. I must admit that it was worth waiting for. It's absolutely georgeous and fits perfectly.

Thanks for a wonderful christmas.
Leni & Doug"

"Shani and Chris,

The rings arrived today. They are everything we hoped they would be--Thank you so much.


"Thank you Thank you.

Our rings are gorgeous and we are soo happy with them. Thank you for putting the larger stone in and for getting them to us on time (sorry for the hassle). We have gotten so many comments on how beautiful and unique they are. They both fit wonderfully. I tell everyone where we got them and give them your web address.

Thanks again, Joliene and Neil"


Dan and I dropped by your store today to take a look at your celtic wedding band sets. We were both stunned over the beauty of your work. We have been searching for a while for celtic wedding bands and was never impressed by the
work that we saw in other jewlry stores. I truly have not seen such beautiful jewelry until we took a look at your work. We both live in Ukiah and we will be purchasing a wedding band set from you both. Thank you so much, and we look forward to meeting you again;


"Hey Chris&Shani,

We received the rings yesterday. They are beautiful. We love them. Thank you for putting the rush on , we appreciate it alot ! We will send you some photos of the wedding , it will be a bit different than most.

Thanks again, T and Lynne"

"Dear Shani-

I've recieved both pieces you sent to me and I have to tell you how much I love them! The Wolf pendant is wonderful with the blue denim Lapis, thank you for recommending it. I've had many compliments on the piece and it's my new favorite necklace to wear. I just opened the earrings a couple of days ago. They too are exquisite. I love how they compliment the pendant I had previously bought.
I plan on keeping your card nearby and checking your website often.

Again, thank you for the wonderful art you have made. I will enjoy it for many, many years to come.


"Hi Chris,

I wanted to let you know that Mary loves the ring! She’s had a big smile on her face ever since receiving it.

Thanks for all you’ve done.

"Dear Shani,

Your bracelet arrived Saturday and I just love it. It is beautiful and just what I wanted. You are truly an outstanding artist.

Sincerely, Marianna"

"Chris, just wanted to let you know that the rings arrived on time and we exchanged them on Christmas eve with my son and our neighbors. We really are happy with them and thank you for your artistry and talent. Our best wishes for the New Year. Gordon and Dale"

"Good morning Chris!!

I received the ring last week (sorry for the delay in letting you know). The ring is perfect!! You did a wonderful job. Matthew loves it.

Thank you.

"Hi there,

I'm not sure that you remember me, but you probably do. You made a special wedding-band/engagement-ring fitted combo for my wife. It is wonderful. We are already into our second year of marriage, and my wife (Kiara) is still thrilled with her ring. She admires it in the sunlight. When she meets friends, new and old, she shows it off with giddy pride. After the initial comments, she declares "Wanna see the magic?" and then proceeds to take the rings apart. She gives credit every time. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much your work is appreciated; I know you worked very hard on this one.

Thank you again for the wonderful gift (of your hard work and timely efforts) that shined on our wedding day and continues to shine in my wife's eyes.

Tim (& Kiara)"

"Dear Chris,

I was just thinking to write you today. We got the rings, and they are just perfect. I have not taken mine off since it arrived! The colors are just right. Thank you for the lovely work.

We are going to make them part of an anniversary ceremony in the future.

Best wishes, Willa (and Mike)

PS. The knots are also just right. The name for this knot in the Tibetan tradition is "endless knot" or "eternal knot". It symbolizes the immutability of truth (another way to accurately put it is that it symoblizes the eternal nature of

love and wisdom)"

I was just cleaning out my email and noticed this. Did we ever get back to you? We got the rings, and they were just perfect. We never take them off. It has been 3 years now almost since we got these from you, and they look great!!

peace, Willa"


I received both the ring and the red box diamond certificate. The ring looks fantastic, you have out done yourself. Diane has not seen it yet, but she will be thrilled. I sent a picture to the insurance company and the person receiving the email thought the ring looked awesome. Thanks you so much for meeting the schedule as promised. We will be sure to spread the word of your wonderful work.


"Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for sending our rings waaaay back in December. (I meant to e-mail sooner, but I forgot.) Anyway, we absolutely LOVE them! They are so beautiful!

Next time we are in Mendocino we shall stop by again, and I'll see if I can't talk my husband into something else for us. : )

Thanks again!


We just wanted to say how much we love the ring you made for Nora. It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks very much for a wonderful job. Also, Nora did receive it in time to wear to her sister’s wedding in Hawaii.

Thanks again.
Mark and Nora"

"Dear Chris and Shani,

I received my beautiful ring on Monday and I wanted to let you know how pleased Dennis and I are with it. It is just lovely and all that I had hoped it would be. Thank you for all your creative efforts in crafting it for us. My oldest daughter saw it the other day and has already claimed it for the future since it just happens to be her birthstone! However, despite my plan for her to share this ring "someday", I do think we'll probably order something else for both our girls in the near future.

We'll be in touch and of course stop by when we are back in Mendocino. Again our thanks and best wishes to you and your family for happiness and ongoing success in the months to come.

Dennis and Jeanne"

"Good afternoon Chris and Shani.

Two and a half years ago my boyfriend and I visited Mendocino and he casually walked me into your store. I noticed immediately that you were making custom wedding bands and noted a passage that was written explaining the symbolism of the celtic knots. You spoke with us briefly about the process and time that you put into creating each ring individually. The sentiment and the energy that I felt during that visit sent me practically running from your store…. Heart pounding, sweaty palms…. The thought that someone would have those kinds of feelings for me, and want to celebrate and share them with the world by presenting me with such a gift was overwhelming at the time. This past weekend this same wonderful man took me back to Mendocino and proposed to me during a special, just for us fleeting sunset. On Sunday we visited your store, this time no pounding heart or sweaty palms…. to look at your wedding bands. We saw one (the same design I remembered so well) and I tried it on. The amazing thing is that it fit! I am a very petite woman, and NOTHING ever fits me from the store. I always have to have things sized and hemmed. But, just as I first thought two and a half years ago, this was the perfect ring for us. He purchased the ring, a 14k yellow gold with 14k white gold Bonding Knot with the black enamel. We will return in November to order his ring. He has taken mine hostage until the official day and I SO want to share it with people. Thank you so much for your talent and even more so for you spirit, it is so obvious that a wonderful energy has created such a wonderful piece.

Thank you, again,


love the ring! Thanks so much,great job!!!

Sometime this summer I'm going to bring you my mother and grandmother's gold rings to see if you can melt them down and remodel them,,

thanks again

"Dear Chris,

We got the rings. We love them.

Thank you so much.

"Dear Chris and Shani,

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to thank you for our rings. Our wedding was exactly as we wanted, simple and small, with just family and friends. Ed and I were so pleased with our rings. Thank you again. I'm sending your e-mail address to one of my co-workers as she is getting married next august and I told her you did such beautiful work.

blessings to you both,
Shannon and Ed"

"Dear Shani,

The mermaid is beautiful. A friend of mine noticed, as I had, that even the back, which is just the silhouette, is beautiful. You did a fabulous job. The detail on the tail and fin is such exquisite work (good thing you had that dream). The stones all look beautiful. Her face came out great, and the bail looks great. Thanks for recommending the snake chain; and the length is perfect. The piece has your elegant touch. I was so glad to see that you signed the back.

Take care,

"Hi, Chris and Shani!

I picked up my ring at the Post Office on Thursday. It is absolutely wonderful!!! The stone is just gorgeous and exactly the color that I hoped for! I am SO happy with it!!! I have already worn it out gardening and it did just fine!!! This ring was definitely worth the wait!! Thank you so much and I hope that you can get your studio back to normal soon!



Our rings arrived yesterday, and thank you so much--they are as beautiful as we had pictured they could be. They seem the perfect anniversary gift!
Good luck to you both in you business and family.

Georgia and Dave"
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