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Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, Yellow Gold Bands with White Gold Knots and no glass enamel
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*note ring is stamped 14K in this photo but now available in solid 15K or 18K gold.
Celtic Bonding Knot Rings shown above with 15K yellow gold bands and
15K white gold celtic knots, no glass enamel and a satin finish.
Two tone 7.5mm wide Celtic Band is $2285.
Matching two tone 5.5mm narrow width Celtic Band is $2185.
~The interweaving lines of the celtic knots symbolize
eternal love and protection~

Other metals and stones available, please click on the photos below to see some of the different styles I can do in either 15K or 18K yellow, white, or rose golds.
Designed and handcrafted by jewelry artist Chris Christenson.

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Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, Yellow Gold Bands with White Gold Knots Celtic Bonding Knot Shield Ring, Yellow Gold Band with White Gold Knots Celtic Bonding Knot Eternity Shield Ring Set, Yellow Gold
The color that you see in the background of my rings is a true fired glass enamel in a technique called concave champleve. The glass is fused to the metal at 1500º fahrenheit and is protected by being below the surface of the metal. It is by far the most durable way to color the background. I believe it really brings out the knot work and has the added benefit of helping keep the knot from filling up with dirt or the lines from being closed off from years of wear. Enameling is a beautiful artform that has been done for thousands of years. Shani and I are strongly committed to the environment. As a family business we practice eco-friendly buying, fabrication and in house recycling techniques. We use recycled gold and silver, fair trade gems, and certified conflict free diamonds as well as reusing a customer's own stones and metals for even less impact on the environment. We strive to create our jewelry with honor and respect for the precious earth we work with and live in.
Sincerely, Chris & Shani Christenson
Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, White Gold Eternity Bands with Yellow Gold Knots Celtic Bonding Knot Eternity Bands, All White Gold Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, White Gold with Bezel Setting
Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, White Gold Band with Rose Gold Knots, All Rose Gold Narrow Band Celtic Bonding Knot Ring in Rose Gold Celtic Bonding Knot Ring, Platinum Wedding Band with Open Rose Gold Knots
Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, White Gold Bands with Yellow Gold Knots, Heart Detail Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, Yellow Gold Bands with White Gold Knots and no glass enamel Celtic Bonding Knot Rings, Platinum Bands with Open Yellow Gold Knots
~ I handcraft my rings to order, custom made for each person and not stamped out or massed produced. I do every step of the creation from hand fabrication to casting in my own 15K or 18K gold alloys and finish with a fired glass enamel and hand hammered setting. I love what I do and enjoy putting positive energy into every piece of jewelry art that I make. I build my rings to last for generations and stand behind my work. I sign each one with pride and bless them with my favorite feather. If you are interested in placing an order or if you have any questions about having a custom ring made please email us or give us a call at our gallery. 707-937-1223.
Celtic Bonding Knot Puzzle Shield Ring, White Gold Band with Yellow Gold Knots

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